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Tropical Cocktails

Don & Sheryl's

Cocktail Conversations

Don and Jan looked forward to retirement with plans to travel and see the world. Sheryl and Gene couldn’t wait to have time to spend with their children and grandchildren. But it didn’t work out like that. Jan & Gene passed away and left Don and Sheryl rudderless as they entered their retirement years. Overcome with grief, each sought the support of the same bereavement group, and quickly became friends. Over time, they began to plan a life together, and now, five years later, they are deeply committed to each other, but they’re still figuring it out. Join Don and Sheryl as they discuss the ups and downs of second-time-around relationships, the challenges of living large in your seventies, and the joys of blending families. Cocktails and Conversations Podcast. Every Wednesday. On all your favorite podcast channels.

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The Author's Voice

Thought provoking interviews and conversation with authors worldwide. Hear authors discuss their work, their own favorite authors, writing habits, and more.

Everyday Monsters

A collection of offbeat and unusual dark short stories from authors across the globe. Each week a new episode will feature a new short story.


A collection of short stories of all genres from authors and writers worldwide that are professionally narrated by Donnie Lansdale . Each week a new episode will feature a new short story.

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Hear the stories behind the music in this podcast interviewing musicians to capture their real-life, backstage accounts of life in the Nashville spotlight. 

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A new audiobook by J.D. Allen.

Narrated by Donnie Lansdale.

Out at the old cemetery in the quiet town of Luna Vista, mysterious tombstones are rising up out of the swampy ground in an unused and cursed field. Gruesome deaths are predicted for the unfortunate townsfolk whose names can be found carved into their rocky surfaces! Who will be next?


Silver Sky

A new audiobook by J.D. Allen.

Narrated by Donnie Lansdale.

Watching a loved one drift away from illness becomes a literal nightmare for the family and friends of those afflicted with SILVER SKY SYNDROME. Victims become immune to the laws of gravity and ascend into the heavens in this metaphorical horror story.



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Sweet Heart

Heartbroken and resentful, Lee has a difficult time adjusting to his life without Deirdre and struggles to settle into his new surroundings. Written by Linda Lingle and narrated by Donnie Lansdale.

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The Burning of Columbia by General Sherman
 A Native's Search for the Truth of the Civil War Campaign Through Georgia and the Carolinas 

Did General Sherman really burn Columbia..... or has he been the fall guy all along? Written by Keith L. Porter and narrated by Donnie Lansdale.

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Reviews from Audiobook Authors

Image by Jonathan Farber

"Donnie Lansdale is a very talented narrator. This is my 2nd audiobook with him (Silver Sky was the 1st) and I couldn't be happier how they turned out."

— J.D. Allen, Author of Tombstones and Silver Sky


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