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24 MAY 2022

The Grains You Need To Create The Ultimate Life with Donnie Lansdale

You can find out more about Kellan and how he can help you achieve your ultimate life by checking out his website.

Your Ultimate Life
Podcast with Kellan Fluckiger

In this episode, we are joined by Donnie Landsdale who shared a lot of insights about creating the ultimate life. This includes how hitting the rock bottom can motivate you to redirect your life and live it with purpose.

Knowing your purpose in life and accomplishing this purpose is important in creating the ultimate life. Sharing your unique stories and experiences in life can be a way to help others live their life with purpose too. What about you? Are you ready to take the challenge of sharing your unique stories with others? Do you think your story can serve as a wake up call for others? Are you ready to create your ultimate life? Grow your niche. Accomplish your purpose in life and find that drive an passion to strive in creating your ultimate life.



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